Frequently Asked Questions

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Our 100% lowest price guarantee is simple: If you buy a tour or activity from us and find out later that it had been offered at a lower price from someone else, we will refund the difference. Just e-mail us information about your purchase and the lower price offer.
No, there are no booking fees and all taxes are included in the price: the price you see is the price you pay.
No, neither we nor our payment channel ( / do collect any credit card fees.
If you change your booking or cancel it more than 24 hours in advance of your booked event, there are sometimes no fees.
If you cancel less than 24 hours before the event in question, you will usually not get a refund.
In cases where tour operators will require more than 24 hours for cancellations, the cancellations terms should be stated on the booking page. Check the "Terms and Conditions" chapter on each tour page.
If you are in doubt, send us a request and we will help you sort out your rights.
Often there are no pickup fees.
If there are any pickup fees for your tour, they are usually optional and will be clearly noted when you book the event.
It is often stated along with other info. for the tour, what kind of vehicle will carry you on the tour in question. Most inexpensive tours are usually bus tours, with up to 50 or even 70 passengers. Tours in mini buses and smaller vehicles, SUV's and Superjeeps will cost more, as there are fewer passengers to share the cost of the operation.
In Iceland, all service charges are included in the price you pay for any event, meal, drink or service, so any gratuity is entirely optional.
Northern lights are seen at night in the winter.
"Official" season for the Northern Lights is from October until March, and this depends much on how dark the nights are and if there is a clear sky. Northern lights have been seen from late August til mid April, but when buying a tour and want the best odds, stick to the "Official" season. Just remember to check the weather forcast, if the sky is blocked by clouds there will be no Northern Lights visible. If you do not wait til the last night of your stay in Iceland to go on a Northern Lights tour, you have a better chance to see them.
A good place for Northern Lights prediction is Northern Light Forecast
If you are in Iceland and the sky is dark and clear of clouds, you can be almost anywhere to see the Northern Lights, if they are there. However, in populated areas the sky is polluted with ambient light, which lessens the experience. Just rembember that the Northern Lights are not a constant phenomenon, but are created by electrically charged particles from the sun entering Earths atmoswhere at an altitude of 100-300 km, and this phenomenon depends on some activity on the sun.
A good web for Northern Lights prediction is Northern Light Forecast
There are no Mosquitos in Iceland.
It is being debated whether it's due to our clean water or if the ever-changing weather is interrupting their normal lifecycle.
There are flies in Iceland, Midges, that can sometimes be quite annoying in good weather around lakes and rivers, in the shelter of trees and brush. The most famous of these places is Lake Myvatn, and it derives it's name from this fly; Midge=My and lake=vatn make the name Myvatn.
There are 4 spieces of midges that bite, but only one that bites humans (mammals) and it lives by stream water.
To be prepared for the Midges in extreme numbers, one can carry a fly-net to put over one's head or a bottle of "Avon Skin So Soft Fast Hydration Dry Oil Spray", or both. Spray lightly over your hair, neck and exposed skin, and the Midges will supposedly not bother you (and it smells much better than most insect repellents).
There are no snakes in Iceland.
The largest wild predator in Iceland is the Arctic Fox, and it avoids contact with humans as much as possible.
There are no dangerous predators in the Icelandic nature.