Askja & Holuhraun Super Jeep Tour

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Super Jeep tour to the new volcanic eruption site in Iceland, Holuhraun and Askja, Iceland’s most famous caldera.

Season: June 12 - October 15

Duration: 12 - 13 hours.

Departure: 8:00am from Myvatn Information Center

Pick-Up: 7:45am from Lake Myvatn Area

Tour Operator: Geo Travel *

We start our day tour from Lake Mývatn North Iceland early morning and head for the highlands where the wilderness, wide spaces, geology and natural freshwater springs are awe inspiring.
On this enlightening tour we will focus on nature experience that makes the geology, history and biology of the area most interesting and exciting.
It´s a long tour and we will have time to stop and stretch our legs and enjoy nature. We will make two longer stops, at “Holuhraun/Nornahraun” as well as “Askja caldera” for about 2 to 3 hours.
Tour duration is 12 to 14 hours in total.
The longest hike on the tour is from the parking area at “Vikraborgir” in the “Askja caldera” to “Víti” crater. It is a 2,5 km hike that takes 35 to 45 minutes. The hike difficulty level is easy to moderate depending on snow levels and weather conditions.
The area is in the mid-highlands of Iceland where snow can linger the better part of the summer.
The eruption in Nornahraun/Holuhraun is the biggest eruption in Iceland since 1783, the Laki eruption. The eruption lasted 6 months, from August 31 2014 to February 26 2015.
The lava flow created covers 85 square kilometers and the volume is close to 1,8 cubic kilometers (comparable to a box that is 1,2 kilometers at every side).
Fully guided tour and transportation.
The weather in the highlands can change very fast and it is important to have good shoes and warm and preferably waterproof clothes.
Bring food and drinks with you as there are no restaurants in this area of the highlands.
Departure: 8:00 am from the information center in Reykjahlíð, Mývatn. (Next to the supermarket). Hraunvegur 8. Minimum: 2 adult passengers.
Do to road-and/or weather condition the tour might take longer time than planned or in some cases force us to cancel the trip. In snow the walk from the car to the crater Víti will be longer and more difficult.
When trips are cancelled by the tour operator before departure a full refund will be provided.
Personal insurance is not included. Food and drinks are not included.
Tour operator: Geo Travel

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Departure from: Reykjahlíð Information Center
Destination: Askja
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