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What a display swirling in the sky!

Season: Sept - April

Duration: 3 - 4 hours

Pick up 20:30 at your accommodation in Reykjavik

Minimum participants: 2

The feeling of staring skywards at the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, can not be caught on film, brought indoors, nor adequately described. Poets have tried, photographers and filmmakers have tried, but only being there gives you that feeling. As it happens, Iceland is right under the Northern Lights belt, and therefore a perfect place on Earth for Aurora viewing. Also, the unstable weather conditions in Iceland increase the chances of those not having unlimited time to catch them. Clear skies are not needed, all you need is a hole in the clouds, at the right time. This is a hunt, not a conventional tour, we´re not going some specific places. Where we go is entirely dependent on the research and expertise of your Superjeep guide and his Mountain Taxi team. If we deem conditions unfavourable; we don´t go. Our Superjeeps are essential for maximising your chances of good Aurora sightings. First and foremost, the darker your surroundings, the better you see Northern Lights. Looking for Northern Lights in a city can be likened to watching a film in a cinema with all the lights on. Our Superjeeps can take you as deep into the darkness as possible within our timeframe, away from the city, and away from buses and road traffic and other light pollution. Off road, on snow, as necessary. If they fail to appear, you will still have had a great trip.
If you really want to hunt down those elusive Auroras, Mountain Taxi is your best ally.
Note: Chasing Auroras is a hunt. The longer you look for them, the higher your chances. To strengthen your chances we leave civilisation behind. Including WCs. Auroras are only seen outdoors at night in Iceland’s winter.
Superjeep tour
Your personal warmth depends on your own clothing.
Bring warm clothing so you can stand out in the cold night and admire the northern lights and bring your camera.
NB. it's not possible to guarantee the Northern light´s
We reserve the right to cancel the tour if the weather conditions are not right and reschedule for another day.
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Tour operator: Mountain Taxi

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